What we still need and how you can help

We are closer than ever to being able to launch the On the Outs Show, our reentry-themed podcast. The show is being produced by Success Reentry, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit provider of reentry services.

The funding for the show depends on charitable donations. Therefor, we have a responsibility to be as transparent as possible about the funding and what we’re doing with it. To that end, we’re posting a list of expenses and costs associated with the show.

One-time costs:

  • Microphone (Blue Yeti USB mic w/Knox studio arm & pop filter – $149.00
  • NuWallpaperâ„¢ Newport reclaimed brick peel and stick wallpaper – $38.99
  • Music licensing (theme song; 2:40) – $33.67
  • Music licensing (stinger) – $14.53
  • Music licensing (loop) – $14.40

On-going costs

  • Podcast hosting – $15.00
  • Web hosting – $7.00

To launch this new program designed to support the reentry process, as well as entertain, educate and motivate people, we still need $250.59 for equipment, with an additional minimum cost of $22.00 per month in ongoing expenses.

Mind you, this doesn’t account for the hours of time donated by various volunteers, who might otherwise be paid for their work if not for their immense generosity.

I’m donating additional money of my own to support this and other aspects of the nonprofit, despite being a retiree on a fixed income. I’m also donating my time to host, market, and edit the show. I’ll be spending money on gas to get to locations for interviews.

We’re asking for your help to cover some of the expenses. You can help us by becoming a patron of the On the Outs Show on Patreon. By pledging as little as $1 a month, you will be an integral part of the solution, helping formerly incarcerated people learn about resources and gain a new mindset, and stay out of custody!

Click on the image below to become a patron, or visit https://www.patreon.com/OntheOutsShow. You’ll be doing a great thing and you’ll have our undying appreciation.

Thank you.

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