What’s going to be in it?

Our content plans for On the Outs includes articles about personal growth and development, articles encouraging self-reflection, articles and tips for preparing for life on the outs, news items relating to Reentry, book reviews, crossword puzzles & word scrambles, comic strips, an advice column (“Ask Mr. A”), reader submissions (articles, Op/Eds, poetry, etc.), and more!

How much does it cost?

The cover price is “Free.” That doesn’t mean it’s free to produce, however. It costs a lot of money to design and print 10,000 copies of a tabloid every two months (our goal for our inaugural issue).

Our goal is to cover as much of the production and distribution costs as possible with advertising and sponsorships and deliver the publication for free, via bulk delivery, to people incarcerated in county, state and federal correctional facilities.

If it’s free, how will you pay for it

Our goal is to cover as much of the production and distribution costs as possible with advertising and sponsorships.

I’m not incarcerated. Can I still get On the Outs?

Absolutely. Our goal is to make free copies of On the Outs available at locations around the Sacramento area (to begin with). We also offer subscriptions to individuals and businesses for a $10 donation. To subscribe, go to our Subscribe page.

Can I submit an article to On the Outs?

Yes. We accept unsolicited submissions from anyone (on the inside or the outside). See our Submissions page.

How do I contact the publisher?

View the masthead in each issue (and on this website) for the publication’s postal and email address or go to the Contact Us page.

Can I advertise in On the Outs?

Absolutely. Visit our Advertise page for info.

How big is it?

On the Outs is a tabloid measuring 11.5″ wide by 12″ tall.

See the image below for a size comparison of On the Outs side-by-side with other publications.

What’s a “tabloid?”

Tabloids are traditionally half the size as a traditional “broadsheet” (17 x 22.75″), which used to be the standard for newspapers. These days, a tabloid is considered just about any newspaper that smaller than a broadsheet.

The image below shows a copy of On the Outs with other common publication sizes for scale.

How can I cancel my subscription?

For information on how to cancel your subscription, go to our Cancel page.