On the Outs Show Update

We have some exciting updates about our upcoming reentry-themed podcast, which was recently named the On the Outs Show. Read on!

For starters, the show will be in both audio and video. Our video won’t be anything fancy, as we don’t have access to special effects and such, but we’ll be shooting video of our interviews whenever possible.

Audio from each show will also be uploaded as a “podcast” to iTunes, SoundCloud, and other platforms. We’ve also created a Soundcloud account for the show, in anticipation of uploading episodes there, and we’re looking at other outlets through which to distribute the show.

We’ve created separate social media accounts for the show, in order to capitalize on the branding the show will be receiving. The show’s online handle is @OntheOutsShow. You can find the show’s accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

We’ve also been busy creating the look and feel of the show, designing branding elements (some of which you may have seen us post on social media already) and picking out theme music (hint, the composer has done work for some Hollywood film trailers and video games).

Guest lineup

We’re lining up some fantastic guests for our interviews! Check out who’s coming to the show (listed alphabetically):

And the list is growing every day! In fact, the show hasn’t even launched yet and we’ve already been contacted by a number of entities, including several organizations from across the country!

Trust me, this is going to be a nice production with good entertainment value.

We’re a little short on funds

Even though we’re able to negotiate some extremely low rates for some things, however, we’re still short on funds at the moment.

Some of the things we still need to launch the podcast are: a quality microphone, licensing rights to the theme music, and the pre-recorded show intro. I’ve donated a substantial portion of the money needed but we’re still short.

What can you do to help?

I’m glad you asked!

We have set up a Patreon page for the On the Outs Show. We would love for you to become a patron. A simple pledge of $1 a month would mean so much to us. With a total of $50 a month in pledges, we can obtain the equipment we need and start recording interviews with our guests!

Patreon become_a_patron_button

Plus, if you become a patron, you’ll get access to uncensored versions of our interviews, as well as other perks. If you want to support the show and what we’re doing helping people after incarceration, please consider becoming a patron.

Until next time, remember, “It’s Now O’clock!”

Mark Arsenault (“Mr. A.”)
Executive Director

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